Lidia grew up with a mother who taught her to read.  She started reading everything she could lay her hands on.  Reading became her main hobby and her passion.  Reading allowed her to escape to places unknown.  For a while she couldn't really give in to her love for books, until she found Kobo and Kindle.  This opened a whole new chapter in her life.

While reading the e-books, she became more and more aware of grammar, spelling and formatting mistakes in the books.  She started thinking about getting in touch with the authors to offer her services as proofreader and editor.   Luckily she found a friend from her past life (who by the way is a published author herself) and asked her if she would like someone to read her books for reviews.  This quickly became an experiment for proofreading and voila! Lidia now finds herself in the world of advanced reader copies, new authors writing their first works of art and established authors looking for someone to review their books.

This is how Lidia's Choice was born.